PLEASE NOTE- We only take reservations for lunch or dinner in the dining room. We do not take reservations for drinks in the bar area.

If you would like an email confirmation for your online booking you must supply a valid email address when completing the form.

To be seated in the dining room, at least 1 main meal per person must be ordered.
Please call us on 9825 8999 Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm for more information.

*Please Note: In order to accomodate as many of our customers as possible, we do require set seating times in the dining area. Seating times are set as below:

Groups of 2-5 guests: 1.5 hours
Groups of 6-11 guests: 2 hours
Groups of 12 guests and over: 2.5 hours


Questions or Troubles With Booking?

Please let us know by filling in the form below

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The $20 lunch menu is available every day from 11am-3pm.


Bookings for dinner can be made from 5pm.

For dinner bookings, your group will be asked to order from our dining room menus. You cannot order bar food or a single entree for a dinner booking.
Click here for our A la carte menu.


So that everyone can enjoy our Monday night all you can eat tacos and our Wednesday night all you can eat wings, we have made the process smoother with allocated slot times:

5pm to 6:30pm
7pm to 8:30pm
9pm to 10:30pm

Slot times are for 1.5 hours regardless of group size.

If the whole group has not arrived within 15 minutes of the booking those who have will be seated and the others will be seated in the next available session time.

Click here for the all you can eat tacos menu.

Click here for the all you can eat wings menu.


Fathers Office requests a credit card number to hold reservations for groups of 12+ guests on Friday and Saturday nights. You may cancel online or over the phone up to 48 hours prior to the reservation.
Cancellation or no show after this time is held to the restaurant’s policy and may be subject to fees.

All credit card information will be processed securely.

If you book for 12 or more guests on a Friday or Saturday night, we require credit card details to secure the reservation. If your entire party no shows to a reservation, we will charge a loss of sales fee to the credit card provided of $10 per person. For example if you book for 12 guests and did not arrive to the reservation, $120 will be charged to the card details provided.

We require credit card details for groups of 12+ guests on Friday and Saturday nights.
If on the night, you have more than 2 people that do not turn up, we will charge a loss of sales fee for each person that has not arrived. We do give a 2 person grace number.
For example: if you book for 20 guests, and 18 arrive thats fine. If only 15 arrive, we will add $30 (3 guests after the grace number) to your bill as a loss of sales fee.
If you let us know 48 hours before the day of the booking that your numbers have changed we will not charge this fee fee.


Fathers Office is a family friendly venue.

Please let us know if you have minors with your group as they may be required to wear coloured wristbands to identify them within a group of people on the licensed premises. Proof of Age Identification will be required for entry.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany minors at qall times and they can not be seated in the bar unless a function space is booked. Minors must remain only in the restaurant area.

If you look under 18 yrs of age you will only be permitted on the licensed venue if you have an evidence of age document recognised by the legislation verifying that you are 18 years of age or older.

An evidence of age document is a Proof of Age Card, a driver’s licence issued in Australia irrespective of State or Territory, a Victorian Learner’s Permit, a Keypass or an Australian Passport or a foreign passport which attests to the fact that the holder is 18 years of age or older. No other form of evidence is recognised by the legislation as proof that the person is 18 or older.

You should be aware that even if you look 25 our security may still ask for an evidence of age document as a matter of caution in order to be 100% satisfied that you are indeed 18 years of age or older.

A New Zealand driver’s licence by its nature is not issued in Australia and is therefore not an evidence of age document. A New Zealand passport is an evidence of age document